My name is Dr. Gary Grossman, affectionately known as, Dr. I WannaWanna®. I am a life coach.

I specialize in helping people, who are sick and tired of their struggles with substance abuse, help themselves recover from the ravages of addiction; i.e. those otherwise “normal” individuals, who recognize they want and need professional help and are prepared to DO their part in their recovery.


I have many years of experience on both sides of the therapist’s couch; i.e. as a clinical psychologist, to former clinical psychologist “in recovery”, to MINDSET and Behavior Change Concierge Coach Specializing in Addiction Recovery.
I have been there, done that, no perfection here, just a compelling desire to help those who are needing and willing to help themselves with respectful, professional coaching and support from an expert who knows and cares.





Welcome to my website.

My Mission: To End The Pain/Stigma of Addiction and Its Consequences!

Yours and Mine!

Early in my career, while a methadone counselor on the Lower Eastside of NYC, I was nicknamed: "the 90-day Wonder” by my heroin-addicted clients. They marveled at my skills, empathy, understanding, and trustworthiness. They found my abilities especially significant knowing I was just a college educated young man from Montreal who knew nothing about the truths of being an addict on the “Streets of New York”. Very quickly they discovered I knew … and could and would help them if they let me. They did and we flourished.


My Fundamental Abilities To Respect Similarities In People

And To Rise Above Our Differences

Have Guaranteed US Our Greatest Successes!


I have counseled and coached people with substance abuse and behavioral addictions since 1971. In addition, I worked as a psychologist/clinical psychologist in both public and private practice. I made it my mission in life to jump into the middle of their greatest traumas and pain, unafraid to share those moments with them, as they achieved relief. They got better. Unfortunately, after many years, my well intentioned workaholism caught up with me.


I burned out big time.


Over time and with the help of some truly dedicated professionals, I began to recover. I found my true passion as I transitioned from being a burned out clinical psychologist in recovery into a Personal Development, MINDSET and Behavior Change Concierge Coach, Coaching Recovery. I have been a life coach since 2002.

My Passion For Living Fuels Itself From My Complimentary Purposeful

and Helpful Relationships With Complementary Others.

As a Coach, I have maintained my keen sense of caring about others. I use many of my professional skills, but with a new focus. I now work with people who want to or are recovering from the ravages of addiction, who are seeking personal and professional growth and change, meaning and joy, with people who want to live in complimentary ways with complimentary others to sustain all that we are and want to be.


Coaching affords me the ability to work with the “coachable”; i.e. “normal people seeking change through recovery” and the luxury of referring the “clinically impaired” i.e. dual diagnosis patients to qualified licensed mental health professionals for psychotherapy.


Over the years, I founded or co-founded several health care related businesses including: The Center for Psychological Services, a multidiscipline outpatient mental health clinic; Rediscovery, an outpatient cocaine treatment program; Time For Me, Inc., a mind/body stress reduction clinic; and Residential Treatment Centers of America, an intense residential treatment facility for adolescents. I trained and supervised psychological interns and assistants and taught introductory psychology for the University of Phoenix. I have been a program director for the mentally ill homeless.


I earned my B.A. in psychology from Loyola College of Montreal, Canada, my M.A., in psychology, from The New School for Social Research in N.Y.C and my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology – Fresno. I have also graduated from The Institute for Life Coach Training, trained with CoachVille and am a member of both The International Coaching Federation and The International Association of Coaches.


I have developed and coach the following MINDSET and Behavior Change Programs:

YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™
A 180 Day intensive outpatient alcohol and/or opiate addiction recovery program. To read more about this program, please click here.

YOU Didn’t Get FAT From Breathing!™
A 13 week intensive outpatient MINDSET and Behavior Change weight loss coaching program. To learn more about this program, please click here

"Get Your Head Out Of Your “BuT”!
A personal development book I authored. It is an excellent companion to either of the MINDSET and Behavior Change Programs listed above, as your Thirteenth Step to Healthy and Sober Living. To read more about this book, please click here.



To living your healthy sober life, your way,
Dr. Gary
Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.