Congratulations for requesting Requirement #2

You are on your way towards creating your plan to finally do something positive and permanent about your substance abuse, your excuses, shame and fear, without additional drugs and/or surgery, hypnosis or deprivation.

Please read it. It sets a tone and provides you with some information essential to your recovery. I am looking for well informed, well intentioned clients who did their homework before contacting me directly.

Don’t Worry: You can opt out from any future correspondence at any time.

If you understand and agree with its content and style, you are an excellent candidate to qualify for the rest of this program.

If you don’t, you have wasted little time, little self-disclosure and no money. This isn’t the program for you. I truly hope you find the success you are looking for somewhere else.

If you won’t cooperate with this simple requirement, the likelihood is that you won’t succeed in this program. You might as well find out now and for free before we go any further.