You "Gotta" Accept that:
  1. YOU have a substance abuse problem that you can’t control on your own!

  2. YOU are taking risks with your life, your health, your family, career, etc.; i.e. all that is important to you!

  3. YOU are stuck and want change!

  4. YOU are honest and open enough to know it and unafraid to admit and confront these truths.

  5. YOU are determined enough to willingly and finally eliminate your excuses and self-destructive behaviors now and forever, if only you knew what to DO and how!

  6. YOU need, can afford and will accept professional help!

  7. YOU are prepared to assume the responsibility for and DO the assigned homework necessary for your permanent sobriety!


I can help; I can’t DO “It” for you!

By Successfully and Fully Cooperating with this Program:
  • YOU will learn what to do, how to do, when, where and with whom.

  • YOU will learn to target and eliminate the specific and essential problems that keep you “HOOKED”!

  • YOU will learn how to permanently tame your urges and cravings.

  • YOU will not have to change your entire self and/or soul, constantly apologizing for who you are or what you have done; just your faulty mindset, and some targeted ineffective beliefs and behaviors; all without deprivation.

  • YOU will learn how to develop and maintain a personalized, “HOOKED” No More, Healthy Living Plan™ that you can monitor and self-correct forever.


3 Module Mini Course

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Please read every word of this website carefully. Don’t just scan. You need to decide if what I write is true for you. If it is, please consider hiring me as your coach. If it isn’t, but is about someone you know and care about, please refer them to this site. Thank you in advance for both your time and consideration. I hope you find the help you are seeking.

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