YOU Didn’t Get "HOOKED" From Breathing!™

This is an Intensive Outpatient MINDSET and Behavior Change Coaching Program that teaches you how to finally do something positive and permanent about your substance abuse problems, your excuses, shame and fear, without additional drugs and/or surgery, hypnosis or deprivation. There are no additional products or equipment to buy, only Necessary MINDSET Concepts to learn and follow, and the Behavior Changes essential for you to master for lifelong success!

The 12 Steps of the "YOU Didn't Get "HOOKED" From Breathing! Program

Step #1: I am a complex, intelligent, caring otherwise competent human being, not just someone who is recovering!

Step #3: I delight in discovering what's true, even when it calls for me making big changes.

Step #2: I am not powerless. I am the often neglected Secret to my own lifelong recovery. I have the WannaWanna and the Ability. I need a Sobriety Plan and Support, to make my life more manageable.

Step #4: Recovery is a lifelong process, that new parts of myself will emerge that will ask for attention and to be recovered,  that sadness, anger and other emotional reactions may surface from time to time, often surprising me, that the world is recovering from its past; it's not just me, and that humans are civilizing and important to my recovery.

Step #5: I fully understand everything is not personal and doesn’t revolve around me. I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself. I admitted to myself, and to other(s) the exact nature of my difficulties. I am entirely ready to rid myself of all my personal problems, through complementary relationships, coaching, therapy, and/or prayer. I made a list of all persons I had harmed, made direct amends to them all and when I am wrong promptly admitted it except when to do so would injure them or others.

Step #6: I need the Serenity to accept the People I cannot change, the Courage to change the ONE that I can and the Wisdom to know that person is ME!

Step #7: Came to believe that support wiser than me could help me restore myself to lifelong and impassioned sobriety as long as I do the work necessary to succeed. I need to learn to be unafraid to expand my community to associate with all who I choose to as long as they respect me and my sobriety. I have creatively designed supportive and evolving environments.

Step #8: My next task is detox: I need at least 30 days sober to begin to experience a clear head, heart and soul before I can truly commit full energy to my recovery.

Step #9: My second task is deciding what sobriety means to me: Am I willing to define sobriety as total abstinence or am I going to try to achieve what most find impossible: moderation.

Step #10: My third task is learning how to identify my triggers and tame my urges, my cravings my obsessions.

Step #11: My fourth task is to learn how to avoid deprivation at all costs.

Step #12: My fifth task is to create and live my personal “HOOKED” No More, Sober Living Plan™.

Step #13: My sixth task is to become an expert in living my program. I continue to strengthen all areas of my personal life & foundation. I am building and enjoying reserves in all areas of my life. I am excited about life and what it can offer. I take extremely good care of myself and body. Life has become a delightful celebration in every respect. I am proud of the depth and strength of my character.



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YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™

“HOOKED” No More, Sober Living Program!™


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