Dr. Gary Grossman began his career working in a methadone clinic with heroin addicts in New York City after obtaining his Master’s Degree in psychology. After moving to California to complete his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology - Fresno, Dr. Grossman began working in the public and private sectors as a clinical psychologist providing individual, group, family and marital therapies. After 20 years of practice, however, Grossman “burned out” and admits: “I foolishly took on the belief that I was responsible for fixing their dysfunction rather than just helping them fix their own.”


In an admirable late-life transition, Gary was re-born as Dr. I WannaWanna™, a personal development and wellness coach. Using principles he learned during over 50,000 hours spent with patients, and in his own struggle to stare workaholism and career burnout in the face, he developed the Dr. I WannaWanna™ Manifesto: a 13-point Baker’s Dozen plan to help others visualize, pinpoint, and whole-heartedly pursue whatever “It” is they want in their lives.



"Get Your Head Out of Your "BuT"! e-book version is included in the "You Didn't Get "HOOKED" from Breathing"! Custom Coaching Programs.


You can also purchase a signed paperback copy directly from Dr. Gary or visit amazon.com.







Please read every word of this website carefully. Don’t just scan. You need to decide if what I write is true for you. If it is, please consider hiring me as your coach. If it isn’t, but is about someone you know and care about, please refer them to this site. Thank you in advance for both your time and consideration. I hope you find the help you are seeking.

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