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YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!

“HOOKED” No More, Healthy Living Plan!

YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™ is Dr. Grossman’s Signature 26 Week Individual, Outpatient, Concierge, MINDSET and Behavior Change Alcohol and Opiate Abuse, Post-Detox, Recovery Program specifically designed for intelligent, computer literate, well -functioning; i.e. otherwise “non-clinically impaired” adults seeking an end to the ravages of their substance abuse problems.


It teaches you how to finally do something positive and permanent about your substance abuse, your excuses, shame and fear, without additional drugs and/or surgery, hypnosis or deprivation. There are no additional products or equipment to buy, only Necessary MINDSET Concepts to learn and the Behavior Changes essential to master for lifelong success!


In this program, there is no smoke, no mirrors, false promises, miracles, exotic berries, potions or Secrets, just plain old fashioned "Truth" and some different and major MINDSET and Behavioral Changes, presented in a powerful new way that educates, inspires and supports you as you gain sobriety and learn to live, eat, drink, exercise, sleep, relieve stress and relate to yourself and complementary others in new and more successful ways.


Before you are accepted into this program and/or coaching with Dr. Grossman, you must cooperate with 5 important, necessary and personal screening requirements. For many, these requirements are reasonable and appropriate, for some, they are a hassle. You decide.


Regardless, if you are not prepared to cooperate with these simple requirements, you certainly will not succeed in working together. It is best not to waste any time, energy and money. Dr. Grossman wishes you well and hopes you find successful recovery elsewhere.












#2. Sign up for the free:
#3. Once you have completed the Three Module Mini Course please click on this link to request the:
#4. Once I have reviewed your questionnaire we will then set up a free 1 hour confidential consultation.
#5. If we mutually agree, we will begin to work together as soon as you have successfully detoxified for one week. 

REQUIREMENT #1: Please read the entire website to see if you like what I have written. I believe the information is essential to your well-being. If you do, please keep reading. If you don’t, you have your answer. If you don’t like what you read, think or feel or that I require you to cooperate with certain things to see if you qualify for my help, there is no point continuing. In the long run, this pre-qualification process saves both of us time and you personal stress, self-disclosure and money.













You must trust yourself enough to comply with the following simple, important step:


You must request and read the FREE: YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™ Three Module Mini Course. Click Here.


Please read it. It sets a tone and provides you with some information essential to your recovery. I am looking for well informed, well intentioned clients who did their homework before contacting me directly.


Don’t Worry: You can opt out from any future correspondence at any time.


If you understand and agree with its content and style, you are an excellent candidate to qualify for the rest of this program.

If you don’t, you have wasted little time, little self-disclosure and no money. This isn’t the program for you. I truly hope you find the success you are looking for somewhere else.

Upon review of your questionnaire, we will then schedule a FREE, up to 1 Hour Confidential Consultation designed to answer any questions either of us may have. No sales pitch, just honest talk.

In other words, we candidly pre-qualify each other to determine compatibility. Again, I see no point in either one of us volunteering to fail. Our lives and time and your personal information, and money are too valuable to waste for no good reason!


If we feel good about that conversation, we can continue, if not, I will do my best to encourage you to seek treatment elsewhere.

If we mutually qualify, we will begin to work together as soon as you have successfully detoxed and stayed sober for at least one week. You need to be sober to be able to understand and successfully cooperate with what will be required of you. If you have already detoxed and been sober for at least one week, we can begin to work together as soon as our schedules allow.

Please note: You cannot purchase this program nor be coached by Dr. Grossman without completing the above five requirements. They are required to optimize our success.

Confidential Consultation

Take Action!

#1. Please read the entire website!

If you like what you read, appreciate its honesty and direct approach and are still considering working with me, you can request, download and submit the Confidential, Pre-Consultation, Personal Information and Heath Questionnaire found at the end of the 3 Module Mini Course. Please thoroughly complete it prior to submitting the form.

If this Confidential Questionnaire seems too personal, I apologize in advance. I, however, need this information to determine if I can help you. Without it, I can’t.