YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing Lite!™

An Individual, Outpatient, Concierge, MINDSET and Behavior Change Alcohol and Opiate Abuse Post-Detox Recovery Program specifically written and designed for well functioning; i.e. otherwise “non clinically impaired” adults seeking an end to the ravages of their substance abuse problems.

16 sessions, customized to meet your individual needs. You will learn to understand, accept and DO something permanent about the truth of  your post-detox challenges and sobriety needs with the support necessary to succeed.

You will learn to DO this as an outpatient by facing and conquering the truths and challenges of your real life, not sequestered as an inpatient, protected from what you really need to learn to confront and control.

As part of the custom coaching sessions, I will teach you how to finally DO something positive and permanent about your excuses, urges, shame and fear, without additional drugs and/or surgery, hypnosis or deprivation.

During our first 14 sessions, we will focus on The Introduction and Twelve Written Lessons of Dr. Grossman’s Signature: YOU Didn’t Get “HOOKED” From Breathing!™ Program.  During the last two sessions, we focus on practicing the skills you previously learned.

Session by Session, I will take you through the following:



Getting to know you better. Helping you feel respected, safe and wise for seeking help for problems that you were unable to solve and solutions you were unable to sustain on your own. Answering further questions and setting the tone for what to expect and DO during your 6 month recovery process. Assigning homework for what you need to DO between each week’s lessons.



The Written Introduction to the program. Answering any and all questions and review of homework.

Review Time to see how you do during the early weeks of this program.




Written Lessons One and Two

YOUR TRUE Understanding of YOUR Responsibilities for success and determining what help YOU need to succeed.



Written Lessons Three and Four

Learning and believing that doing the focused work necessary for sober living is easier than you think.

Major paradigm and behavior shifts are learned and internalized.




Written Lessons Five and Six

Understanding addiction, both yours and mine. It is the time to strengthen your process as you begin to

develop and change both YOUR MINDSET and Behaviors.




Written Lessons Seven through Eleven

Help in developing and implementing your self-directed “HOOKED” No More, Healthy Living Plan™ with the

support necessary to help you succeed, teaching you what to do and how, when, where and with whom,

with the accountability and support necessary to succeed.




Written Lesson Twelve

Summary, review and support of the written program and your beginning to implement and live your

“HOOKED” No More Healthy Living Plan™.




2 sessions of post program integration and implementation coaching: from novice to …?

Your Opportunity to learn, to become as expert as you are willing to become!


Said another way:

2 weeks of practice, Practice and MORE PRACTICE
to master the skills of sobriety taught in the
“HOOKED” No More, Healthy Living Plan™

to help you address any and all other concerns that come up during this time.
OUR goal is self managed sobriety that can last forever…